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are you ready to Lead the new way?


How do you become the leader you aspire to be?

You are a conscious leader. You believe in a brighter future. You are committed to create a New Way. You know it is possible. But navigating your path is quite challenging. 


  • Do you feel a disconnection between your true self and how you show up as a leader?

  • Are you searching for the joy and fulfillment that results from both leading yourself and your organisation in a natural way?

  • Do you find it challenging to guide your organisation to the impact and contribution that is aligned with the highest purpose?

Do you feel like NOW is the time for the next level of your leadership?

Then I am here for you. Right here.

it all begins with you

I believe these times require us to find New Ways. New Ways of organising, learning, living, curing, connecting and simply being. It is time to make a change. To stand up boldly for what we know is needed right now. 

Soulful Leadership is what happens when we are brave enough to lead by example. From the inside out. Honest. Clear. Courageous.

We create the future inside of us. NOW.

I am committed to guide you to the Soulful leader that you are. Within you. So you can lead the New Way and guide your organisation to positive and valuable impact.  

Are you ready to lead the New Way?


lead yourself in a new way

As a conscious leader you know how important it is to know yourself deeply. And yet it is quite challenging to find your way. 

You know there is a next level in your leadership. Where you meet the natural leader you truly are. Where you feel calm and full of life. Where you feel your inner strength and your inner wisdom. Where you feel your inner fire burning to make a change. 

It is essential to connect with your inner nature. Wholeheartedly. 

To set yourself free from the deepest fears, beliefs and patterns that are keeping you from being who you truly are. From showing up with your heart and soul.

Do you want to experience a deep connection with your inner strength and your inner wisdom? Are you willing to listen deeply and act bravely? 

Then it is time to set yourself free. Free from the deepest fears, beliefs and patterns that are keeping you from being who you truly are. 

What no longer serves you, certainly no longer serves your organisation. 

I guide you to the place inside of yourself, where you feel like a mountain. Deeply rooted with your feet in the earth. Courageously present within your heart. Clearly seeing and knowing the way forward. Ready to serve.

Are you ready to dive deep and stand up tall?

Through his soulful approach we came to the essence of leadership for our organisation. Mark listens carefully, asks the right fundamental questions and brought us to our own essence.

Dave Ensberg,  Managing Director 

Jantje Beton - NGO with the mission to facilitate playfulness for all children

lead your organisation in a new way

As a leader you are serving the highest purpose of your organisation. But how do you do that? What is being asked from you as a leader? What is your optimal position to guide your organisation?

You can see you organisation as a tree. It has roots. It is alive. It is evolving. 

As a leader it is key to listen deeply to your organisation. When you listen deeply, you will hear and feel where the energy in your organisation is blocked.

You as a leader take full responsibility. You are curious and listen deep. You speak truth and create clarity. And when needed you take powerful decisions.

You guide your organisation. You create space. For connection. For collaboration. For creativity. 

Do you want to guide your organisation to a thriving future?

i am your guide

Mark 10_edited_edited_edited.png

Are you a courageous leader, a changemaker or an entrepreneur?

You want to BE the change?

You have raised your consciousness and worked on your personal development already in many ways?

Then I am your guide. 

As a Soulful Leader, I am committed to your growth. 

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