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your soulful guide. 

I will walk next to you

You are the leader of your own transformation. And I will walk next to you. As a guide. 


You probably have done plenty of personal and spiritual development. You most likely have had a coach or a mentor before. 

Now you need someone who can really guide you to your next level.

My heart knows a beautiful world that ís possible.

What you can expect from me

Honesty. I am honest about what I see and feel when I am guiding you. I am also very honest about myself and how I experience my life. 

Clarity. I create clarity in your process and in the journey that is unfolding. I communicate in a clear way. 

Commitment. Guiding you to the Soulful leader that you are is my Souls mission. So I am very committed. I am fully present. I create a sacred space for you.

My values as your guide

Essential. I work straight away on the most essential layers that are holding you back. And I guide you to your own essence. To your inner wisdom. To your inner fire.

Easy. I believe transformation can be done ‘easy’. Without drama.

Empowering. I want you to feel empowered. Therefore I guide you, but most of the ‘work’ you are doing yourself. So that after our ‘journey’, you will feel confident to walk alone.

How i work

I work very intuitively. I use the wisdom and experience of coaching hundreds of persons and yet I am willing to say ‘I don’t know’. The answers are always present in the moment. So I have learned to step out of the way. 


The way I work is mostly influenced by the psychology of Carl Jung, Shamanism, Regression therapy (for healing inner child and family ‘trauma’) and systemic work. 


I am eager to explore new ways. Because I know they will lead to new insights and solutions.

What makes me unique for you

I walk the talk. I am committed to my own path and to my Soul’s mission. Everyday.


  • I am a Soulful leader and entrepreneur

  • I speak the language of organisations (read more in the ‘about me’ section)

  • I am a transformational coach

I have experienced this to be a very unique and valuable combination for the leaders that I guide.

my professional journey

Looking back at my own journey every step has contributed to where I am right now.

For over ten years I have worked as a marketing professional, consultant and member of Management teams. For start-ups, scale-ups and corporate organisations. In this period I have developed my sixth sense for scanning quick and effectively how organisations work and what challenges they are facing. 

Along the way I realised how satisfying it was for me to guide my teams. It is a wonderful experience to feel connected to the same purpose and enable every person to thrive by using his or her talents in a optimal way. 


My journey as a soulful leader

I believed I was living my life exactly in the right way. Until I was laid off in a unpleasant way. Soon there after a ten year relationship came to an end. 

The experience of a burn-out was my great wake-up call. It was time to life differently. 

I took the lead in my recovery and had support of a psychologist, coaches and even a therapist. 

It was a rough ride and I had to dive very deep to get up on my own feet again. 

This humble experience made me aware of life. It is precious. And in the years thereafter I have been all-in on a self discovery journey. To heal myself. To set myself free. To connect with my heart and with my soul. 

Four years ago I decided to follow my heart and start Soulful Leadership. It felt like I got 'called' to contribute to a new way of leadership. 

In the past years I have coached hundreds of persons and many teams to become more Soulful. 

And the best is yet to come. 

It is time for a great shift and explore New Ways. With Soulful Leadership I will do the utmost to contribute to the most beautiful world that my heart knows is possible. 

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