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inner nature retreat.


Reset. Renew. ignite.

This exclusive transformational retreat can be life changing. 

Do you want to dive deep and stand up tall?

What you can expect in this transformational retreat.

Reset.  You will push the ‘reset’ button. Being in nature will help you quickly to get there. It is time to rest. To become silent. To connect deeply with yourself. 


Renew. When you have created space for yourself, life can unfold itself to you. In this phase we let go of all that was and open up for ‘the new’. You will experience clarity. In this space you are receiving instead of getting. You receive new insights about yourself. You receive new views on life topics that you have been struggling with. You receive new inspiration. 


Ignite. You have renewed yourself from the inside out and now it is time to connect with your inner fire. The fire that you need to commit yourself to a new way. To show up in a new way. To live in a new way. To lead in a new way. 


In this exclusive retreat there is only space for four leaders. This way I make sure that you get all the personal attention you need for your own journey.

Upcoming retreat

Inner Nature retreat.

2th - 7th January.

Spain - Pyrenees (nearby Girona)

Do you want to create space at the beginning of the year to reset?


Do you want to connect with your inner nature and create inside out? 

Then this retreat is spot on for you. 

Fill out the form below to receive specific information about the upcoming Inner Nature retreat. 

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