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leadership is about togetherness

Inside out leadership

Being a Soulful leader comes with challenges. You don’t have to overcome them on your own. In fact it is impossible to overcome them on your own. Great leaders surround themselves with great leaders. 


  • You are leading your organization towards a new future. You might not see yourself like a        pioneer and yet you are walking a path that has not been walked by many others. How do you deal with the challenges you face in your organization? What can you learn from other Soulful leaders?

  • You are your own Soulful leader to start with. This is an ongoing process and the inner transformation you are going through can be quite demanding at times. What wants to come to the surface? How can the other leaders be a mirror for you?

  • You want to step into your full potential. Ofcourse you are your own biggest support, but are you willing to be supported? How can other leaders support your growth? 


Does this sound familiar? Do these questions resonate with you? 


Then it is time for you to connect with like hearted leaders in the Soulful Leadership Tribe.

The Soulful Leadership Tribe feels like my homebase. I feel a strong connection with the other members, therefore it feels safe to share in a very authentic way. Every gathering is insightful, inspiring and encouraging. 
Diana Storm

Diana Storm - HR Director

Inner nature

The Why of the Soulful Leadership Tribe

As a leadership guide I have seen many leaders who are feeling like they are on their own. The way they think, feel and act is not aligned with the ‘system’. They want to contribute to a brighter future. They want to make a change within their organizations. What was missing for many of these leaders is a homebase. A place where they could be completely themselves, be understood and encouraged. 


With the Soulful Leadership Tribe I have created a space for like hearted leaders to come home. To feel a deep connection. To know that they are supported by others. To feel inspired and encouraged by others. 


Values of the SL Tribe: Honest. True. Clear. Inspiring. Meaningful.

The gatherings

Every gathering is build on three building blocks. Reset. Reflect. Renew.


  • Reset. You will push the ‘reset’ button. Being in nature will help you quickly to get there. It is time to rest. To become silent. To connect deeply with yourself. 

  • Reflect. What needs attention in your life? What needs attention in your leadership? What is not serving you? You will transform what is ‘old’ (related to beliefs, patterns etc).

  • Renew. You will open up for ‘the new’. You will experience clarity. In this space you are receiving instead of getting. You receive new insights about yourself. You receive new views on life topics that you have been struggling with. You receive new inspiration.

You will feel the ignition of your inner fire. The fire that you need to commit yourself to a new way. To show up in a new way. To live in a new way. To lead in a new way.


During the gatherings there will be space for internal ‘work’ and group sharing. In the togetherness of the Tribe you can show up as the leader you truly are.

How your participation looks like

  • 6 live gatherings (afternoons or evenings) a year with 6-8 Soulful leaders

  • Online community with your SL Tribe, to connect between the gatherings and to reach out for any support on a topic/case you are struggling with.

Do you want to surround yourself with like-hearted leaders? Do you want to be inspired and challenged by other Soulful leaders? 


Then you are very welcome in the Soulful Leadership Tribe.

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