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Leading from within.



Inside out leadership

You know when it is time to step up your game. And when you have made it to this page, it is very likely that the time is NOW. 

You have explored yourself on many levels and yet you feel that it is time to dive deeper. To get in touch with your true inner nature. 

What is still holding you back? Your limiting beliefs, caused by past experiences. You have gained many insights already on who you are, where you come from and how this made you think you are this person. 

It is time to shed skins. To set yourself free.

To take in your place. Wholeheartedly. 

It is time to connect deeper with your inner wisdom. What is it that your heart longs for? What is life asking from you? What wants to get alive through you? The answers that you are searching for are within you. 

You need to step back. To get out of your own way. So that the 'new' can present itself to you. 

From this new place inside of you, you can create the new future. The future that your heart knows is possible. A new way of leading yourself.

Do you want to know more about how this journey could look like for you?

Mark helped me to get out of my own way. To listen deeply to my intuition. This created clarity and increased my self confidence. I feel empowered in my entrepreneurship to go all-in.  That is worth Gold! 
Laura Groen

Laura van Groeningen - Founder  

Bridge over troubled water - Mediation

Sweetspot leadership

Take in your natural place

There is only one way to feel the fulfillment that you are longing for. To get past the empty feeling in your heart. To get past the struggle. To get past the nagging feeling that something is not working out right.

You need to truly connect with your inner nature. And from this place within, take in your place in the world. 

Imagine a labyrinth. Exactly in the middle is your place. This is your sweet spot. It is like the eye of the storm. You will feel more peaceful. You will experience the joy of being exactly where you need to be.

Do you want to take in your place fully? 

I will walk next to you

You are the leader of your own transformation. And I will walk next to you. As a guide.

You have done plenty of personal and spiritual development. You most likely have had a coach or a mentor before. 

Now you need someone who can really guide you to your next level.

As your guide I am committed to your growth. 

  • I will mirror you and let you see for yourself what stories you keep repeating. When needed I will call the bullshit. This way you can let go of the masks that you are still wearing.

  • I will guide you to the essence of what is still holding you back and help you transform unresolved emotions, limiting beliefs and patters that no longer serve you.

  • I will help you to increase your consciousness. To strengthen your connection with your intuition. To listen deeply to the answers within you and to life itself.

  • I will guide you to integrate 'the new' in your life. In your work as a leader. In your private life.

How I guide you

to become the natural leader you truly are

Your transformation to become a Soulful leader is a journey. Therefore I offer my guidance not as sessions or packages, but as a customized stage of your journey.


When I walk with you, I want to make sure that you are able to fully integrate ‘the new’. In the bigger decisions that you have to make. And in your daily life. In leading yourself. In leading your organisation. In your relationships.


I guide leaders for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. Based on your needs and desires, we will come to the journey that best suits you.

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